Potstickers Prepared 煎餃


Chi-Gong 氣功
Ingredients : cabbage, Seitan, Veggie Protein crumbles, Soy bean

Tai-Chi 太極
Ingredients : Asian chive, Tofu skin, Edamame bean, Sesame oil

Wu-Tang 武當
Ingredients : Veggie crumbles, Five spices tofu, scallion

Wing-Chun 詠春
Ingredients : Green beans, soy protein, sesame oil

*The potsticker wrappers are dyed using Kale, spinach, beets and carrot or pumpkin juices—pumping up the nutrition and avoiding food coloring.



  • Farmers’ Market – Order online by Friday 12 Noon for pickup at the market. Please specify when you will arrive for pickup in the “Notes” field in the checkout.
  • Home Delivery of orders $50 or more. Order before Wednesday 3pm for delivery on Thursday and Friday in Chittenden Co. only.

Instructions to warm up potstickers:

Warm up in Non-stick saute pan Lid to cover pan Vegetable or canola oil Water for steaming

  • Put the pan on stove, turn the temperature up to medium
  • Once the pan is warm (hold your hand over the pan), lightly coat the surface with oil. Give the oil a minute or two to heat up.
  • Place the potstickers into the pan
  • Add 1inch of water to the pan, then cover the pan tightly to seal in the water (the water is going to steam the potstickers).
  • After the water steams away, check the bottoms of the potstickers. Once they are the desired level of brownness, remove them from the pan and plate, ideally with the crispy bottoms on display.
  • Serve with our dipping sauce